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Cherry blossoms at night (27/03/2006)
The memory of the victory 101 years ago (25/03/2006)
Sprouts at Ginza (23/03/2006)
Flowers at a greenhouse in Shinjuku-gyoen (23/03/2006)
People in Tokyo (21/03/2006)
The sky on the 17th (18/03/2006)
Graffiti (17/03/2006)
Smokers' disadvantage (16/03/2006)
Shinjuku on the 15th (15/03/2006)
The moon and white flowers (14/03/2006)
Ships on the Sumidagawa-river in Tokyo (14/03/2006)
The sky at Shiodome (13/03/2006)
Flowers and the light (12/03/2006)
Rape blossoms (11/03/2006)
Love for nothing (11/03/2006)
Lenience (10/03/2006)
Mt.Fuji at twilight (08/03/2006)
A reverse clock (07/03/2006)
Plants on every floor at night (06/03/2006)
Do you know of the author, Ken Kaikou ? (06/03/2006)

Cherry blossoms at night


桜 2 幹.jpg
It's "Shidare-zakura" cherry blossoms different from "Someiyoshino" kind that scatters a lot of petals like snowfall.

I took these pictures at "Rikugien" park in Tokyo.
Cherry blossoms are showed at night until 29th.Closing time is 9:30p.m.

The nearest station is JR Komagome.
(click the picture)

桜 1 緑.jpg
(click the picture)

桜 3 俶・.jpg
(click the picture)

桜 正面 4.jpg
(click the picture)

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The memory of the victory 101 years ago


The flagship "Mikasa" of the Japanese fleet which smashed the Baltic fleet of Russia on the 27th of May in 1905 near Tsushima-island between Fukuoka-prefecture and Korea in the Sea of Japan.

It is showed at "Mikasa-kouen" park of Yokosuka-city in Kanagawa-prefecture now.

We can see the bridge on the top of the mast where Admiral Togo kept on standing during the sea fight.

(click the picture)

The statue of Admiral Heihachirou Togo(1848-1934).

He continued to stand at the same point on that bridge over 5 hours while the sea fight was going on.
Because of the pillars of sea water which were made with a lot of bombardments by the enemy,the whole flagship was soaked completely with seawater.

But on the floor of the bridge,they found only 2 dry points.

Those were the places where Togo had been standing without any move
(click the picture)

Togo went up this ladder to the bridge on the mast.
At that time he was 57 years old.

(click the picture)

Among 38 warships of the Baltic fleet from Russia,19 were sunken with the severe fire of the Japanese fleet,5 surrendered,and 10 were destroyed.

Meanwhile Japan lost only 3 torpedo boats.

It was the most singular victory which human beings had ever seen
(click the picture)

Before the sea fight,the most singular victory was accomplished by England at the Trafalgar sea fight in 1805.

But the number of the warships which were sunken with fire or captured was 22 out of 33.
Moreover famous Admiral Nelson was killed in battle.

Wilson,a famous English researcher of the history of wars at that time said,admiring the Japanese Navy:

"We haven't ever seen such a perfect big victory in the past."

(click the picture)

It is the head of an artillery of a Russian warship that was broken with blast by Japanese attack during the fight.

The thickness of the gun barrel is over 5 centimeters
(click the picture)

An objet which was made of iron plate with the holes made with shell by Russian stormy fire.

The plate was torn from the "Mikasa".
(click the picture)

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Sprouts at Ginza


The trees of "Namiki-dohri" avenue have started sprouting.
(click the picture)

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Flowers at a greenhouse in Shinjuku-gyoen


(click the picture)

(click the picture)

(click the picture)

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People in Tokyo


They are waiting for their turns to eat "Maguro Don-buri",which means a bowl of raw tuna rice,in front of a restaurant at Tsukiji.

They are not starving.Nor am I
(click the picture)

Another "Udong-ya" restaurant which is a Japanese noodle restaurant.
Tables are set beside a pavement.

We can check out what they are eating passing by.
=at Tsukiji
(click the picture)

They seemed to be TV camera crew of a subcontract company.=at Ginza 4 chome

(click the picture)

A pair at night at Shinjuku.
The man put out his tongue at me after this shot,
recognizing that I was taking their photo.

(click the picture)

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The sky on the 17th


The sky was blue.It was perfect,wasn't it?

(click the picture)

The wind was blowing hard,wasn't it?

(click the picture)

The building slashed the sky,didn't it?.

(click the picture)

You know,the sun remained only on a surface of that building.

(click the picture)

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落書き1 3.11.jpg
The meanings of Japanese graffiti are "Hell, The other world" and so on.
All of them are weird.

I felt a lot of writer's self-reproach from those
The writer seems to be condemnning himself because of his life conditions now.And it seems to reflect strict views of Japanese society against his ways of living.

That point of view surely comes from his imagination.
It means that he is thinking of his life from the point of the world's view which he imagines by himself.

I took these pictures near Shimbashi-station.

(click the picture)

落書き 2 3.11.jpg
One of them says "Kaminarimon Unza".It might be the name which a writer would like change his name for or so.

"Kaminarimon" is the famous gate at Asakusa.
It means the thunder-gate.

Bikies seem to be fond of such kind of epic names,according to my informations
(click the picture)

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Smokers' disadvantage


It's a smoking lounge in front of Shimbashi station.
They should gather here to smoke because of the ordinance to frobid them from smoking on streets.

Almost all of them are smokers.

The man with yellow clothes is cleaning cigarette butt bins.

(click the picture)

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Shinjuku on the 15th


A steeplejack at a high place.
(click the picture)

He is staying below the yellow tools hung on a wire near the wall covered with net.

(click the picture)

Precocious cherry blossoms named "Hikan-zakura" have come out at Shinjuku-gyoen park in Shinjuku.They are different from those that scatter a lot of petals like snowfall around the end of March.
(click the picture)

The petals.
(click the picture)

Water birds at Shinjuku-gyoen park.Wild ducks, I think.

(click the picture)

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The moon and white flowers


月と花 3.14.jpg
Softly focused.(click the picture)

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Ships on the Sumidagawa-river in Tokyo


船の1 正画.jpg
I took these pictures from the Kachidokibashi-bridge in Tokyo.
(click the picture)

船 2.jpg
For operations.
(click the picture)

船  3.jpg
For parties in it.
(click the picture)

船   4.jpg
For sightseers.There are similar ships to this one on the Seine and so on.
(click the picture)

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The sky at Shiodome


The wind blows.

It's 5 minute walk from Shimbashi-station.

(click the Picture)

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Flowers and the light


White flowers have bloomed this morning around my house.

It's the proof of the coming of spring for me.
The flower is named as "Hakumokuren",Magnolia heptapeta
(click the picture)

花 全部 1.jpg
(click the picture)

delsol  5.jpg
The light which I found in an Italian restaurant at Kouenji,Tokyo.
(click the picture)

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Rape blossoms


At Hamarikyuu-park.
Flowers have scent.
It is like that of new-mown hay.

"Good old!"
Someone said.
=Round 2 o'clock on the 11th,March

(click the picture)

12 minute walk from JR Shimbashi-station.

Admission fee is 300yen for an adult.No closed day.
It's situated at Chuuou-ward,Tokyo

(click the picture)

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Love for nothing


A guide dog "Eru" in a train.

She showed proprely the timing to ride on a train to her friend,an old blind woman,waiting passengers to go out of the train in front of the left side of a door to it.

She is 6 and a half years old.

A little bit nervous because of my camera.
=9:18a.m. on the 11th March,at JR Yokohama-station
(click the picture)

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親鸞 後姿.JPG
To remain standing on the wild.

Not lonely?

(click the picture)

He is "Shinran"(1173-1262).

He said:
"Even good persons could be reborn in heaven.Why couldn't the wicked?"

It's a paradox,I reckon.
But it's the essence of his teaching "Akunin-shoukisetu".

He thought that the most important purpose of his Buddhism is to save evildoers.

Quite lenient,isn't it?

He has been respected quite a lot by Japanese researchers
He is the founder of "Joudo-shinshuu", a sect of Buddhism in Japan.

I'm not in it.
Once I used to sit in Zen Meditation every Sunday in a Zen sect called "Soutoushuu"
But now I haven't.

(click the picture)

Japanese apricot flowers again.

Excuse me
.=At Tsukiji-Honganji Temple in Tokyo
(click the picture)

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Mt.Fuji at twilight


From the top of a building at Fujisawa-city.
(click the picture)

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A reverse clock


逆時計 3.5.JPG
The hands on the clock rotate from the right to the left on the upper hemisphere and from the left to the right below.
It's reverse to normal clocks and watches.

What's the reason?

I've found it at a barbershop at Nakamachidai in Yokohama-City.

(click the picture)

鏡の中 時計.JPG
It looks right in a mirror.

In order to let customers in seats look at time on mirrors exactly and easily,the clock rotates reversely.

It was presented by a friend.
It gains slightly a week,

a hairdresser told
.(click the picture)

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Plants on every floor at night


I found those at Shiodome near JR Shinbashi station.(click the picture)

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Do you know of the author, Ken Kaikou ?


開高 玄関2.JPG
The entrance to deceased Ken's house.(click the picture)

I've been to the "Kaikou Ken memorial house" in Chigasaki-city of Kanagawa-prefecture.He was a Japanese author who seemed to have Ernest Hemingway in his mind as a role model for lomg time.

He was a good novelist who had got the Akutagawa-award which is the most honorable in the Japanese literary society.

The house is situated at Higashikaigan-kita in Chigasaki-city and 25 minutes walk from JR Chigasaki station.The nearest bus-stop is "Higashikaigan-kita 5 chome" on "Tsuji 02" line.

Opening days are Friday,Saturday and Sunday.Visitors are admitted free.

deceased Ken Kaikou.(click the picture)

He went to a battlefield in Vietnam during the time when the War was going on as Heminhway did in the Spanish Civil War and was brought to the verge of being killed by "Vietcong"s surrounded.His experience bore furuit as the novel titled "Kagayakeru Yami" which means glittering darkness and so on.

Somehow he seems funny for me,because I always think of his similarity to Hemingway.

Is it ill-natured?

On the wall to the 2nd floor,the skin of a big snake is hung.
He lived with it until his death in 1989.(click the picture)

It was the snake which lived in his mind,I reckon.
Authors tend to have such kind of negative feeling

His manuscript.(click the picture)

His works were another ones of the "Lost Generation" group of novelists including Hemingway,F.S.Fitzgerald, Dos Passos and so on.
Some of them went to war and had PTSD, I think.

Oh,J.D.Salinger who is the author of "The catcher in the rye" has had also PTSD from the fighting experience in the 2nd World War.

The works by them have lost feeling always.

Ken Kaikou's novels have also lost feeling.

烏帽子岩 3.5.JPG
The Eboshi Iwa rock in the sea near his house.(click the picture)

While he was alive,he saw that rock every time on the way home.
He looked fond of it according to his essays.

When I visited his former house,I found the batteries for my camera run out.
In order to buy new batteries, I shuttled back and forth on the road which runs in front of his former house and where we can see the Eboshi Iwa rock.

The distance between the house and a convenience store was 1 kilometer.

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