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At Yoga station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi line


The entrance to Yoga station.
Looks like an old Roman site.

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From the bottom.

The name "Yoga" comes from the Indian religious exercise Yoga,a zen monk said.
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用賀駅 滝 4.jpg
It's a manmade fall.
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Ginza night scenes


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Dogwood blossoms at Ginza


ハナミズキ 遠2.jpg
At "Hanatsubaki Avenue".
It's indigenous to North America.
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ハナミズキ 近3.jpg
Reserved,isn't it?

It's "Hanamizuki" in Japanese.

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A bulk at Ginza


ビル バルク.jpg
Overwhelming bulk of builbings.
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People at a festival in Chigasaki


People in Japanese traditional clothes for a festival called as "Happi".
It's occasionally chic.

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This way for marching isn't traditional.
It's from the U.S.,maybe.
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The same as the above.
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Japanese as he is


06.4.21.長身の人 008.jpg
Tall enough.
10 centi-meters up to the ceiling.
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Views on the 21st at Ginza


06.4.21.雲 031.jpg
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06.4.21.ツツジ 018.jpg
Azalea blossoms.

It's on the way to my office.

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06.4.21.古家 041.jpg
Clearance of the building in front has got the wooden row house to appear.
It's close to the Shouchiku-Enbujo theater
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Tokyo scenes


The building of Metropolitan Government.

Looks like Nortre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.
Designed by deceased Kenzo Tange(Japanese) who was a disciple of famous French architect Le Corbusier.

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It was built 15 years ago.

Water leaks from the roof.

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住友ビル 3.jpg
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住友ビル 2.jpg
The cavity of Shinjuku-Sumitomo Building.

It is situated at the center.
(click the picture)Leaves are shining reflecting the sunshine.
At Ginza.

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"Hanashika" Japanese Stand-up Comedians


藤志楼・志の輔、昇太 5.jpg
The man right-hand with glasses in a dressing room is a popular "Hanashika" called "Shouta".

I took these pictures at 8:20p.m. on the 16th Aptil at "Shinjuku-Suehirotei",where we could enjoy "Rakugo" of Japanese comic monologues.

The comic monologue theater was full of audience.
I had to listen to stories standing on an aisle.

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The man with "Kimono" is "Tatekawa Toushirou" who is a semi-professional "Hanashika",and sorta popular producer.

Recently he told his appearance here "for the 1st time these 10 years" on a radio program where he works as a DJ,so the theater gathered a lot of audience.

He told the classical story titled "Douguya",that is a junk dealer, which was okay
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立川藤志楼・志の輔3 main.jpg
The man right-hand is "Tatekawa Shinosuke" who is also a popular "Hanashika" and has been hosting the program for health of NHK TV station for long time.

"Toushiro" seemed to have called him to stage in order to let audience get amused.

Usually "Hanashika" should tell a comic monologue all alone.

But he calls famous T.V. performers every night like these pictures.

He isn't confident in his own abilities of amusing audience with his talk,I suppose

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藤志楼・志の輔 7.jpg
He has been appearing from 11th April,around 8:15p.m. every night.
Covering time is about 15 minutes.
The last night would be on the 20th.

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藤志楼・志の輔 6.jpg
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The statue of "Sendai Shirou"


仙台四郎 06.4.15.我孫子.jpg
He seems to be a little bit strange,doesn't he?
He has been respected as "Lord for happiness" at Sendai-city district in Tohoku.

He lived in Meiji-era and idiotic.

According to a legend,every store where he went gathered a lot of customers afterwards.Due to the story,store owners still display the statues in storefronts there.

I found it at the movable market in front of JR Abiko-station in Chiba pref.

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Life in the metropolice


For some unknown reason I took a deep breath finding doves taking shelter from the rain on the way to my office in the morning.
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People have just finished their lunch.
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The tortoise is from Borneo in Indonesia.Food is vegetables.It is now being washed.
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Caves and blossoms


"Kuroiwa Caves" at Yoshimi-town of Saitama pref.
16 caves have been found so far and around 500 are supposed to be in total.

The caves were graves of naturalized Japanese who had come from Korea 1600 years ago.

"Kuroiwa caves" are 3 kilo-meters off from "Yoshimi 100 Ana" caves where there are 217 caves like these ones.

(click the picture)

We find cherry blossoms everywhere this season.

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"Iron City" Chiba


千葉・ガラスドーム 1.jpg
 Just after going out of JR Chiba-station,I was overpowered with big pressure from masses of iron such as the big dome and the structure for a monorail.

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千葉 モノレール2.jpg
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What are you doing there?


At Shimbashi 3 chome.
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Patchwork at the Metropolice


The building covered with net is under reconstruction.

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Because it was windy,I hastened there


桜 全体像 2.jpg
"Under the roots of cherry trees,there are a lot of bodies buried."

Because of the magnificence of cherry blossoms that none could compare with accuracy,the deceased author,Motojiroh Kajii(1901-1932) told that way.

Flowers of "Somei-yoshino" cherry trees didn't scatter so much in spite of the strong wind on the 3rd.

Flowers in the prime of youth don't fall easily,I've got afresh.

I took these pictures at Shinjuku-gyoen park in Shinjuku-ward.

(click the picture)

桜タワー 1.jpg
(click the picture)

花 接近5.jpg
(click the picture)

花見 4.jpg
(click the picture)

桜 台湾 6.jpg
(click the picture)

落花 3.jpg
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並木 7.jpg
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