Signs for rendezvous 5 Ebisu station


The statue of Ebisu-san as it is.
It's okay
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There is a restaurant named Ebisu near my house in America. It has the likeness of the Ebisu statue painted in the front. I do not know anything about Mr. Ebisu, could you spare the time to explain why he's famous?


Posted by Jackson Brown at 01/03/2006 10:15
Hi Jadson
According to my research,Ebisu is now respected as one of "Shichifukujin",that is to say 7 Gods who bring happiness to pious people by Japanese folklore.It's from Middle Ages in Japan.

In Japanese the word of Ebisu originally meant a human from outer area where they hadn't conquered yet or from overseas like you.So it had negative(discriminating) meaning.

As time went by,Ebisu came to be regarded as a God of water who occasionally visit Japan with a lot of fortune from the world beyond the sea.The reason why he became a God of water is because he appears from overseas.

Now Ebisu is conceived to be the God who brings a large catch of fish.It's the God for fishermen.

Even in the U.S. there must be the cases where bad things come to change into good things because of a certain trigger.
It's one of those cases.
Does it make sense?


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